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More than just a group of designers and developers, Atom Switch is purpose built to solve problems. Clients come to us with a project, a mission, a need – and we provide them with a solution. We take great care to listen to your needs and give you the talent and expertise that you’ve been missing to make what you do best even better.

We are scalable. Never too big or too small, we utilize a pool of engineers, designers, copywriters and business professionals to match the size of the team to the scope of the project or task. No bloated, clumsy bureaucrats or mandatory staffing minimums, just the right people to get the job done with maximum efficiency and quality.

Our Process


It all starts with communication. We listen carefully to the issues, wants, and needs facing our clients and from that synthesize a course of action. Throughout the process we remain in contact with progress reports and summaries at the end of every milestone and deliverable.


Whether we’re creating a design plan to iron out features and UX, drafting a project roadmap to spec out scope and budget, or supplying our expertise to guide any other course of action a client needs help traversing, we do our due diligence to ensure everyone is on the same page before production even gets started.


With an agile development process, we organize and scope our work into a set of project milestones. Each milestone contains an agreed upon list of deliverables to be completed, keeping development transparent and accountable. This makes simple projects easier to deliver and helps complex projects stay organized and on task with convenient structuring built in for review, approval, and payment.

Are you ready to Flip The Switch and take your business to the next level?

Previous Clients Including

We’ve done work for and provided expertise to clients ranging from web, medical, technology, video game, mobile, casino, collectible industries, and more. From developing entire products to improving on existing systems and providing operational plans, copy, and visual content.

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