Atom Switch delivers user-centered end-to-end products across industries.

Atom Switch is a group of experienced developers and designers with a passion for creating unique and compelling software experiences. Scalable to each project’s scope and needs, our team can shrink or grow to ensure efficiency and quality are at the forefront of everything we do.

With access to industry leading experts and backgrounds that range from AAA Video Game development, to enterprise software design, to commercial apps for web and mobile, we have the knowledge and skills to see a diverse range of projects from concept to launch, on time and on budget.


Working with proven agile development methods means clients are always on the same page as our developers with transparent, easy to understand milestones that break development up into well planned, easy to deliver pieces. Operating out of Chicago, IL means a timezone that is never far away from either coast as well as quick access to coast-to-coast and international travel.

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